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Drowning In The Sounds

Sorting out my music files (Finally!!!)

I got tired of transferring stuffs to my phone and sorting my music files that’s why I just end up looking for the Billboard Top 100, and that would just end up in my phone. And I wouldn’t be able to hear half of it, and half of the other half my ears can’t stand, then the other half will be tolerable, and some likeable. For 2 days, they will be stuck in my head, then I’d grow tired of listening to them.

That’s how most pop songs work (well, for me). Here’s some exceptions…

~Super Bass by Nicki Minaj feat. Ester Dean, and this video I just found moments ago.

And here’s the thing I liked this song because of Selena Gomez, ahuh! ahuh! High five!



~I’d Lie by Taylor Swift

I heard this years before and totally forgot about it, and then I heard it at the mall last week, then remembered how fun this was to my ears, so… Yeah. Taylor Swift. Deal with it.

Okay fine, I reminisce moments in the past that are supposed to be forgotten. When I was listening to this song before, I was so in love, and so in the positive side of the world that yeah, this was a happy song. And now, because I am so freakishly bitter, the message seem to have changed. Oh well, that’s life. I still like it though.

I found this fan made single cover on Google.

~Porque by Maldita

I heard a snippet of it on the radio and BAAYM!!! I just loved it. And now I think Chavacanos are cool, wow they speak Spanish! Awesome! I want to learn that too.

**Pero sapul kasi e. Kakapanaginip ko lang tungkol sa mga masasakit na pangyayari kaya nagkaganito, swak na swak. Well that’s another topic, so some other time maybe.I love this song. **

This last one is my favorite, and I keep playing it whether I’m in the shower, the kitchen, having my cup of coffee, even while I’m typing this post.

Have a nice day!