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Sixteen Three-Point Shooter

Topic #76 : What’s your favorite number and why?

Now that I think about it, I never changed my favorite number for ages. It’s been 16 since I was in grade school.

It was kind of a long story, but I’ll tell it anyway.

When I was young, my dad, my brother, and I used to watch NBA in the middle of the night. It was usually played around 10-12 in the evening, I think. We would grab something to eat, and get drowned in the couch, and watch the game vigorously.

I wasn’t really a fan of basketball at that time, (yes I did become a fan of the game later on but the fandom has faded now) and I would just sit there asking tons of questions, and I really didn’t understood the game I just wanted to spend that time with them. Plus I didn’t want to be left out at their basketball talks during dinners, and whatnots. I’m nosy, I know.

They were (and still are) a big fan of the Lakers, and Kobe Bryant, and stuffs, and yellow, and purple. Pfft. I don’t know why but I never really came to like Lakers and Kobe Bryant and stuffs of yellow and purple. (?)

So every time the Lakers is playing, I would cheer the other team, and of course they’d boo me, and cheer the Lakers out. Then they played against Sacramento Kings, and I fell in love with Peja Stojakovic’s awesomest three-pointers (I don’t know if he’s still the awesomest, I don’t care anyway), and guess what his jersey number was SIXTEEN (16).

And I was immature, yeah I know, and I wrote it on papers, and it tagged along after my name, etcetera, etcetera. I never got rid of that number.

It’s funny how I’ve forgotten that was my favorite number, now I remembered how much I used and abused it, and still is my favorite number 🙂