Government Information System

I wish there is a hotline for government related inquiries.

Driver’s License for example. So I can be able to ask what requirements should I bring, what office should I visit, related fees, and processing time. Someone I can talk to who KNOWS what he/she is talking about, and not just someone who heard it from someone who heard it too from someone else. Facts. And truth.

This will diminish the number of fixers, and corruption too.

Why do I suggest this?

I have encountered many unfair and profit-oriented government workers. Here in our province, some people who work at the municipal offices can’t even give proper advice. I know, some of them are just clerks, and not the proper authority to some of our inquiries, but what surprises me even more, is that they GIVE YOU WRONG ADVICES. They don’t tell you, ‘Hey sorry, but your inquiry should be taken to Mr./Ms. Head Somebody because she’s the one who handles these types of issues.’ NO…. They tell you to do this, and do that, and do some little shit, and then another of that thing, and then you find out after all your hard work that you’ve done, you’ve not been following the process, the legal process I mean. You’ll find that out later after you’ve wasted enough money and some golden time.

Is it too much to integrate the government offices, and have a single number to dial, and ask the real people who knows how to shake their stuff about your concerns?

And yeah, well, please orient these government employees how to communicate well, and respect due to them is the respect they give. I have met some who communicate very well, and are not afraid to respect those who are innocent about government processes, I met one today at the municipal office, but there are countless of them who always look grumpy and are easily-irritated if you have too many inquiries, they might as well spit in you face and say that you’re stupid.

Is this too much to ask? Oh well. Mr. President I hope you’re listening, and I hope you still remember what you said.

PEOPLE REMEMBER. Please remember as well.


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